​This is a video of our service technician high pressure jetting a drain in the floor while watching the jetter work on the monitor of our underground video inspection equipment. The line from the clean out had to make a turn to continue to clean the line in the proper direction and he was watching to make sure the jet hose went the proper way at a tee.  This is how we do our jobs Roto-Rooter right!

High-Pressure Sewer Jet Service

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Hydro-Jetting of clogged lines is the latest technique available.  The high-pressure water washes and scours the debris, such as gravel, sticks, stones, and grease build up from the interior of the pipes.  This allows the pipes to remain open and free flowing.

     Cleans lines up to 500 ft. long and 36 in. in diameter.

     Very high success rate in rehabilitating failed drain fields.

     Removes heavy grease buildup from sewer lines.