This is a sequence of pictures showing the repair/replacement of a customers grey water line and drainage system. ​Once we received our permit for the repair/replacement we located the line alongside the customers foundation.  We excavated down to the line alongside the footer drain and installed a clean out to the surface for future maintenance and cleaning.  We used our underground location equipment to find where the line had separated on the opposite side of the driveway, near some trees.  We excavated down to the break in the line, then replaced the line which had become clogged and split due to roots in the line over a period of 15 years.  We were allowed to also replace the stone surrounding the pipe for drainage, covered the stone with tar paper and recovered so you wouldn't even know we were there the following week!! Another job done Roto-Rooter right!


​SUMMER 2017



This excavation was performed to extend the customer's cellar drain out to daylight to allow water, that may otherwise damage their home's foundation, to drain away from the house.

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Trenchless Technology - replaced 100 ft of deteriorating cast iron waste line. This process eliminates many associated costs such as landscaping, replacing sidewalks and/or blacktop , etc.   

Installation of a commercial hot water heater for a Petco store. The technicians started at 4:00am and the store had hot water by 8:00am so the customers pets could be washed and groomed on schedule. Another Great Job!!! 

Kevin Wins Biggest Root Award!

While clearing the main line at a private residence, Kevin discovered a monstrosity of a root blockage and removed it from the line. Someone call Guinness Book of World Records because this one was legendary!

Expert Work

The finished product of the cellar drain installation




Via excavation, a compression coupling was used to replace a broken line and allowed the tiring of another lateral into it.



This is a video showing replacement of a distribution box.  Roto-Rooter encountered a failed distribution box which was partially caved in.  We replaced the D-box connecting all existing lines to it and brought it level to the pavement with risers and we installed dialers to each of the outgoing lines so the flow to each lateral can be adjusted as needed in the future.  

Dug up and replaced 10 ft of line

you Can count on us

Final grade after the plumbing repair was completed. Notice how close we were working between the buildings and the smooth finished grade. All materials that our Roto-Rooter installed carry an unconditional guarantee.




A local customer's septic system was failing to drain properly. After pumping the tank and performing a diagnostic dig, a new outgoing line was installed and the system is now functioning perfectly as intended. The customer can now relax with ease because they know that no more repeated backups will occur anytime soon.

After imaging the system and running dye down the line, our service technician found no access to the main line in the system. The technician dug up the main and installed a new manhole for access.

This is the installation of a 1,000 gallon septic tank for a customer whose old steel tank had collapsed while he was mowing his lawn. Luckily no one was injured and now he will never have to dig up his tank again due to the professional installation of risers to ground level. Another outstanding job!!!

​SPRING 2017